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New Year's Eve Nails

I love the look of classic black and white for New Year's Eve. Of course, sparkle is the next thing that comes to mind. For this design the materials I used are Wet and Wild Megalast-Whipped Topping and LA Colors Nail Lacquer-Black Lace Creme as the black and white base. I did my thumbs black also. You just can't see it in the pic. I wanted to give it some sparkle so I put a coat of silver glitter polish from LA Colors. Then I used stamping plate BP-03 from As you all know, I use MoYou Nails stamping polish. It's my favorite.  I used thier black over the white base and white over the black base. Hope you like it!! 

Multi-colored stamping

For this design, I started with a black base from LA Colors nail lacquer. The stamping plate used is from BP-09. I then put a drop of yellow, blue and pink stamping polish from MoYou Nails in different spots on the design. When I scraped it, it blended very nicely and made a bit of purple in there too! 

Pink Snowflakes

I was starting to get bored with the regular winter colors. I wanted to put a little twist on it, so I made pink snowflakes. The white is Wet and Wild Megalast, Whipped Topping. The pink is by LA Colors Color Craze, Pink Bubbles. The stamping plates I used are from bornprettystore.comQA19 & QA58. My favorite stamping polish is from MoYou Nails. I used thier pink and white. 

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Christmas Lights

Well I can't take credit for this design. I have seen it all over pinterest. I don't know who originally came up with this one, but I really wanted to try it!  :)  I used Wet and Wild Megalast in Whipped Topping. The Black is L.A. Colors Art Deco nail art lacquer. Those Art Deco polishes have a really long, thin, striping brush and are great for lines. Then I just used a dotting tool to do the lights. It was very simple and fun. 

Foil & Snowflakes

This one I really love. It reminds me of little foil presents. This one was really easy but looks so great in person. All I did for this one is add rainbow foil to my  nails by adding a thin coat of polish and just before it dries and then the foil sticks to the polish. Then I stamped with MoYou Nails stamping plate #127 and thier white stamping polish.  And the winner of the giveaway of the ring is Mollie M. It is up on the rafflecopter over on my Facebook page: I am in the giving spirit so you never know what's next. Stay tuned...

Snow Much Fun

I wanted to show you guys this awesome polish by K.B. Shimmer .It's called Snow Much Fun. "This light blue jelly sparkles with light blue holo glitter, white glitters in several sizes and finishes, a sprinkling of micro holographic glitter, and of course, white snowflake glitter". I put mine over a darker blue from Sinful Colors, Endless Blue. I love it! If you like the ring in this picture, I am having a giveaway for it over on my facebook page. Good Luck!