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Leadlight Flowers

I have seen all this talk about the new technique called Leadlight, so I thought I would try it myself. First of all, leadlight is kind of like stained glass. You can buy polishes for this like OPI Sheer Tints, or you can make them yourself. I made mine myself. You just take a bottle of clear nail polish and add about 20 drops of your desired color of nail polish. Depending on the thickness of the polish, after you mix it up, you should have a nice sheer colored polish. I painted my nails all black and then stamped the flowers with white. Then I added color to the white to give it that pretty colorful tint. What do you think of this technique??

Antique Rainbow Watercolor

This one is called Rainbow Watercolors. It was a design that was inspired by Robin Moses. I used arcrylic craft paints for this one. I used a white base and then I dipped my brush in water and then a drop of the paint. It looked like a beautiful watercolor painting. I added some gold nail polish to give it the antiqued look and a coat of clear on top to give it the high gloss look! The picture really didn't do it justice. It looks so much cooler in person!!

Here is a link to the paints I used :)   Apple-Barrel Arcrylic paints

Rainbow Leopard Tutorial

This was my first ever tutorial. :) I call it Rainbow Leopard. When I first saw animal prints, they seemed a little intimidating to try. When you break it down in steps it's really not that bad. I thought I would share it with you. If you guys like my tutorials I will do more!

Moon Candy

I am loving this color combo here. For this look I used Essie, I'm Addicted. The accent nail is Revlon Moon Candy, Orbit. I actually stamped with a Red by MoYou Nails, but it looks dark purple over the blue! The stamping plate is m78 from Born Pretty Store. (link below)  Love this one!! :)

Here is the link to the stamping plate:                                         As always, feel free to use my 10% off code AAX31.

Holo Pink

Today I want to show you a swatch of some Holo Polish that I got from I will put the link to it at the end of the post. I think it is wonderful! Outside in the sun, the holographic effect really comes to life. You can see a rainbow of colors! It's really beautiful! I think I am going to get a few more of these!

Link to the polish and as always use AAX31 to get 10% off your order :)

Ombre Sunset

This one I call Ombre Sunset. I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White on all the nails and then did a sponge on ombre using Color Craze Pizzaz and Studio M Orange Hot. Then I added dots with a dotting tool.  :) 

Classic Black and White

This is a classic black and white design with a little bit of sparkle. I love the geometric design of the stamping. The stamping plate I used is by MoYou London (not the same as MoYou Nails). It is #7 from the Artist Plate collection. (link below) The polish is Sinful Colors Snow Me White, The black base is New York Color Black Lace Creme. The stamping polish is from and the sparkle is a silver glitter from Color Craze.

Neon Floral

What is Summertime without some bright neons?  The polish is by Academy of Colour. I got a gift set with  neon pink, neon green, neon orange, and neon yellow. It also came with a matching glitter for each color. I used black stamping polish and stamping plate QA65  from (Link below) :)

China pattern nails

This design reminded me of an old china pattern that someone's grandma had! Lol. Maybe it's just the color choice.  I really like how it turned out. I used Sinful Colors, Snow Me White for the base and MoYou Nails, Light blue for the floral. The stamping plate I used is Cheeky Jumbo Plate #10 Happy Nails :) 

I have a few extra stamping plates for sale at if anyone is interested! :)

Ombre Floral

When we were in Las Vegas they have these booths in different places that are MoYou Nails products. Since I love stamping, I was so thrilled to see these plates and polishes for sale there! I ended up getting 6 stamping polishes. In this design I used three colors on my stamping plate and came up with this Ombre Floral. The white base is Sinful Colors, Snow Me White. I used the same stamping plate from yesterdays post QA82 from Born Pretty Store. Links to products below :)

MoYou Nails products link:
Stamping Plate QA82  from

Stamping Nail Art Moyou silver

MoYou Nails Silver stamping polish and the base color is from The Color Workshop. I don't know the color name, it came in a kit with other polishes. I really liked the contrast of the two colors. The stamping plate used was from QA82, I will post the link below to that plate if you are interested in buying it. My coupon code to save 10% is AAX31 feel free to use it as often as you like. I really like the QA plates from BP. They are etched really good! I have never had a problem with any of them. :) Well this is my first official post on Blogger and I hope you enjoy!                                                                            
 Here's the link: