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Mickey Mouse

This design I just had to do after doing Minne Mouse. It makes me wish I was planning a trip to Disney Land! :).  The stamping plate I used is from It's plate RuiZ03 (link below). The stamping polishes used are from MoYou Nails

Stamping plate:

Floral Gradient w/studs

I have got to say that I love the way this one turned out! I used all products from MoYou Nails. The stamping plate is MoYou 218 and I used thier stamping polishes as well. Black, light blue, pink and lilac. The colored square decorations are from Born Pretty Store. ( product link below) 

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Square studs:
Stamping plate:
Stamping polishes:

Minnie Mouse

These are my Minnie Mouse nails. This would be a really cute design to wear if you were going to Disney! I really like this one. I used LA Colors Color Craze White, LA Colors Nail Lacquer Black and the middle Minnie is from MoYou London, Princess Collection #14. The rest of the nails are stamped with plate RuiZ03 from (link at bottom) and Pink MoYou Nails Stamping Polish! Hope you like it .

Father's Day Ties

This is my Father's Day nail art design. I started with a pretty light blue base, that reminded me of a light blue shirt. Then I taped of my nail in tie shapes. I tried to choose colors and patterns that you would see on an actual tie. :)  Happy Father's Day weekend!

Duochrome floral

My daughter surprised me with a bunch of these Kleancolor duochrome polishes. This was the first one I chose to try. It is called Flirty/Innocent. Since they are duo chromes, they all have duo names. I can't wait to try them all. As far as the stamping part goes, I used products from MoYou Nails, thier black stamping polish and plate 218. 


I love these cupcakes! It was really easy to do too. I just started with a light pink base. (Pink a Card, Sally Hansen). Then I painted on the white with a very small nail art brush. I then added the rhinestone cherry and the caviar beads in purple, red and silver, white the polish was still wet. All you do next is add the stripes for the cupcake paper. It's that simple! :)

I post these pics and more on my facebook page :