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Lilac and White with silver studs

I know Summer is coming to an end quicker than we would like it too. But don't worry, it will be around again sooner than we know it. Purple is a great color to go from Summer to Fall! If you haven't read my earlier blog posts, my fav go to stamping polish is by MoYou Nails. This is thier lilac special stamping polish. They have many colors to choose from! The stamping plate I used here was the same on from my last post. It's QA-97 from That is also where I got these awesome silver nail studs. The white polish is by  LA Colors, called Energy Source. Hope you like it!! :)

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 Link to purchace stamping plate:

Mint with white tips

This polish called Meadow by L.A. Colors Color Craze. I used two coats over a white base. Then I  used stamping plate QA-97 from (bottom photo), with a white stamping polish. I painted french tips and finished it off with striping tape for a little bit of sparkle. I wanted to do something different with my middle finger but lost my creativity. What would you have done with it?? 

Here's the link to the stamping plate :  And as always feel free to use my 10% off code PQL91. (not valid on sale items)

Cotton Candy Gradient

Hi everyone! This was a very simple nail design and it is super sparkly in person! To do this look, I always start with a white base coat. It always makes colors pop! The in the bottom picture I used a make up sponge and made a gradient effect. The polishes used are I'm Addicted by Essie (the blue) and Pink Bubbles by L.A Colors Color Craze. When that was all dry I added a few coats of NYC polish called Starry Sliver Glitter. It has pink and blue glitter in it and a really cool silver sparkle too. I was going to add a design over it but sometimes less is more. These nails would be awesome for Prom or whenever you want some sparkle! :) 

Red and Black 'Far Out' design

This design reminds me of some 'far out' wallpaper from the 70's. Nail It magazine takes submissions from readers to have a chance to get your design in their magazine! Today is the last day to enter your Red and Black designs. This was my design, but I did not submit it. The red polish was a special red from Nicole by OPI, for Special K cereal called Challenge Red-Y. They had a promotion a while back, that with a few box tops, you could trade them in for polishes. Very cool!! The stamping plate is from MoYou London's fairytale collection #09