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Colorful Snowflakes

I really love to do snowflakes in different colors than the usual white and blue. This design was created using a snowflake stamping plate QA-58 from Born Pretty Store. I started with a white base coat and then stamped on different snowflakes in Green stamping polish from Born Pretty Store and Pink, Lilac and Light Blue stamping polish from MoYou Nails

Link to stamping plate : Use my 10% off code PQL91. ( not valid on sale items)


I really love my coffee! This stamping plate is from the MoYou London Cook Book Plate Collection #3.  The golden colored base polish I used is from Broadway Nails called Pearl Ivory. The brownstamping polish is from Born Pretty Store #19. They have really great stamping polishes! 

Harry Potter

These are my Harry Potter nails! I love to watch the movies around Halloween time. There was just a Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family this weekend. That was what gave me the inspiration. The purple polish is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme wear Deep Purple. The stamping plate is he-he 030 and the gold polish I used for the stamping is by Studio M called Gold Links. It is a regular drug store polish that worked really good for stamping. The black is MoYou Nails stamping polish. 

Breast Cancer Awareness

Showing my support because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I used a light pink polish from a set from Forever 21 that my son got me and stamping plate BP-26 from You can show your support to any cause with this plate! 

You can purchase the stamping plate here : Don't forget to use my 10% off code PQL91 (not valid on sale items)

Born Pretty Silver double stamped

Have you guys seen any double stamped nails yet? I loved the look so I wanted to give it a try! I just got in a new silver stamping polish from Born Pretty Store. The Ya Qin An pink stamping polish I did a review on in my last post, seemed to look really cool next to the silver. They both stamp great over dark colors! It was a little tricky to find a design that would be good for a backround and one to put on top of that background. I first pained my nails pink and black. Both are by LA Colors. The pink is called Electra from the Color Craze collection and the black is from the nail lacquer collection called Black Lace Creme. The stamping plate for the background design is he-he 018 and the plate with the flower design is  BP-09 from Born Pretty Store as well.

I used a dotting tool to put the middles of the flowers and that was it!  Below are the links to the stamping polishes. I am always looking for a good new stamping polish and I am really happy with this one! 

Silver stamping pol…

Review of Ya Qin An stamping polish

Hey all my stamping sisters!! Today I wanted to do a review of Ya Qin An stamping polish. I only purchased one, the pink, to see how it worked before I bought more. Well I am a big fan I must say! In the first picture I wanted to show you how well it stamps over black and light colors. As you can see the answer is beautifully!! :)

I love when companies put effort into the details! The bottle is a cool square shape and it comes in a white box. This is a nice size bottle too! It's 18ml! 

As you can see it picks up wonderfully on the stamper! I was pleasantly surprised and I honestly can not wait to get some more!! If you want some too, I got this from (link below)  Use my 10% off code PQL91 as many times as you like !!

Lilac and White with silver studs

I know Summer is coming to an end quicker than we would like it too. But don't worry, it will be around again sooner than we know it. Purple is a great color to go from Summer to Fall! If you haven't read my earlier blog posts, my fav go to stamping polish is by MoYou Nails. This is thier lilac special stamping polish. They have many colors to choose from! The stamping plate I used here was the same on from my last post. It's QA-97 from That is also where I got these awesome silver nail studs. The white polish is by  LA Colors, called Energy Source. Hope you like it!! :)

                                 Use my 10% off code PQL91 at
                                                            (not valid on sale items)
 Link to purchace stamping plate:

Mint with white tips

This polish called Meadow by L.A. Colors Color Craze. I used two coats over a white base. Then I  used stamping plate QA-97 from (bottom photo), with a white stamping polish. I painted french tips and finished it off with striping tape for a little bit of sparkle. I wanted to do something different with my middle finger but lost my creativity. What would you have done with it?? 

Here's the link to the stamping plate :  And as always feel free to use my 10% off code PQL91. (not valid on sale items)

Cotton Candy Gradient

Hi everyone! This was a very simple nail design and it is super sparkly in person! To do this look, I always start with a white base coat. It always makes colors pop! The in the bottom picture I used a make up sponge and made a gradient effect. The polishes used are I'm Addicted by Essie (the blue) and Pink Bubbles by L.A Colors Color Craze. When that was all dry I added a few coats of NYC polish called Starry Sliver Glitter. It has pink and blue glitter in it and a really cool silver sparkle too. I was going to add a design over it but sometimes less is more. These nails would be awesome for Prom or whenever you want some sparkle! :) 

Red and Black 'Far Out' design

This design reminds me of some 'far out' wallpaper from the 70's. Nail It magazine takes submissions from readers to have a chance to get your design in their magazine! Today is the last day to enter your Red and Black designs. This was my design, but I did not submit it. The red polish was a special red from Nicole by OPI, for Special K cereal called Challenge Red-Y. They had a promotion a while back, that with a few box tops, you could trade them in for polishes. Very cool!! The stamping plate is from MoYou London's fairytale collection #09


This is a quick and easy design. I love dasies but I wanted to give them a little twist. I love, love, love this blue by Milani. It is called Power Periwinkle. The stamping plate is from Born Pretty Store,  BP-46. Then I just added pink dots in the middle of the flowers insted of the usual yellow. Hope you like this one! 

 You can get the stamping plate here: As always, feel free to use my 10% off code PQL91 as many times as you would like. ( not valid on sale items )


This is my try at Minion nail art. I love these guys. They are so mischevious. All the polishes I used are shown below. 

The polish names are (from left to right ) L.A. Colors Art Deco, Black, Wet n wild megalast, Whipped Topping, Sweet Color, Gray S001, L.A. Colors Color Craze, Shock and Revlon Parfumerie, Surf Spray. 

Simple neon dots

This is a very simple nail art idea. For this look, I choose two bright colors from L.A. Colors Color Craze collection. The pink is called Pizzaz and the yellow is Flicker. I always but on a white base coat under bright colors to really make them pop! I got these cool dots from I applied them with the polish still a bit tacky and then added a top coat. It took no time at all, and I have had so many compliments this week. :)

Here is the link to the dots:
And as always, don't forget to use my 10% off code PQL91

Fourth of July 2015 nails

Happy Fourth of July!! I hope everyone is having a fun and safe holiday. I wanted to get into the spirit by doing some red, white and blue nails of course! The colors I used are from Sinful Colors. The pretty blue is called Endless Blue, the red is Ruby Ruby and the white is Snow Me White. 

The stars are from my MoYou London Princess Collection plate #14 and the wavy stripes are from a plate I got from, it's by Ya Qin An, plate Y007. ( I did a review on it, you can find it in my older posts ) and I topped it off with some star shaped rhinestones. :)

Matte Black Floral Tips

I was originally going to color in this flower with neon pink and yellow but I decided to put a matte finish on instead.  I really love this matte topcoat by NYC called Matte Me Crazy. It's cool because you can turn any color you already have into one with a matte finish. The stamping plate I used here is from Born Pretty Store, BP-54. The stamping polish is MoYou Nails, White. 

Link to stamping plate: . I don't forget to use my 10% off code below. :)

Neon Tulips

What is Summertime without neons? The neon polishes are a set of minis I got from Kohl's. They are by Academy of Colour (pictured below).  The stamping plate is from bornprettystore.comBP-68. I used the reverse stamping method to color in the tulips. :)  I can't wait to do more designs with this plate. 

Purchase stamping plate here:  And don't forget to save  10% by using my code PQL91. ( not good on sale or discounted items)

Happy Flowers

I get a lot of my nail design color inspiration from interior design palettes. I love this color combo of turquoise, grey and fuchsia. I was dying to try it and I just love the results!! For this design, I started with a white base. Let it dry. To do the gradient, I just apply the polish to a make up wedge and then press it onto the nail (as shown it photo below).  Then I stamped it with white stamping polish and stamping plate BP-20 from To finish it off, I used a dotting tool to make the center of the flowers. Then I just did my clean up and put a clear coat on top. :)  I hope you all like it!! 

The polishes used here are Sinful Colors-Dream On, Essie-I'm Addicted and  Sweet Color-Gray. The white stamping polish is by MoYou Nails

Tropical Floral

We are back from Spring Break! (Physically, not We went to Las Vegas where the temperature was in the 80's and 90's!! Back home in Indiana were I live, It's been rainy and cold. :( So I wanted to do a design that was bright and cheery! I used a neon pink and orange from Academy of Colour that I got in a set from Kohl's. The stamping plate is from Born Pretty Store, BP-44. I used a white stamping polish by MoYou Nails.  If you come on over to my Facebook Page, I am having a nail art contest, where the prize is a mystery stamping starter set!! :0

Stamping plate BP-44 :
Don't foret to use my 10% off code PQL91

Blue Ombre Floral

Hey there! I was looking through some pics and this is one I did a while ago that I guess I forgot to post. I love this blue from Sinful Colors!! It's called Endless Blue. The stamping plate is another one I got from Born Pretty Store. BP-17  . The blue, black and white polka dot polish is by Maybelline Color Show, Blue Marks the Spot. Info for the plate is below. 

You can use my 10 % off code PQL91  Stamping plate BP-17:

Spring Butterflies

Happy Spring everyone!! Today I wanted to do butterflies and it just so happened that Born Pretty Store sent me an awesome stamping plateBP-34 to do just that!! :). I have to say that I am really impressed with the new line of stamping plates that they have come out with! They work beautifully and they keep coming out with more and more! Actually, on 3/26 they are releasing new ones!!  The pastel purple and blue polish are from Born Pretty Store as well. I used #10 and #28 in this photo. 

Here's the plate!  You can buy it here:

Don't forget to use my 10% off code PQL91.

St. Patrick's Day

This is my nail art design for St. Patrick's Day.  It's just a green over green, simple stamping done with MoYou London, Princess Collection # 14. The light green is from the love & beauty neon collection from Forever 21. This shimmery green stamping polish is from Born Pretty Store. I was very happy with the coverage of this polish! I need to get some more! :) 

Review of Born Pretty Store Ya Qin An 007 stamping plate

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share a stamping plate that Born Pretty Store kindly sent me to review!  I am developing a habit that I like to collect different stamping plates like baseball cards or something! Lol. I really appreciate when the maker adds special little touches, like a little envelope or sleeve that holds the plate.  This one did!!  It is by Ya Qin An. Y007

It is about 2 inches by 2 inches big. 

Here is an closer look...

The designs were etched beautifully!  Here are a few designs I came up with to give you some examples...

I highly recommend this stamping plate! You can purchase it here: Don't forget to use my new 10% off code PQL91.

Starry Nights

This design is called Starry Nights! This design was done with nail wraps from Born PrettyStore. (link below) They kindy sent them to me for review. They have so many different ones to choose from! I liked this design because I was a big fan of the painting Starry Nights by Van Gogh! What I really love about these is that if you like nail art but you are not that good at it or don't have the time these go on in minutes and look great! 

Remember to use my 10% off code PQL91.  :)
Buy these here:

Teal and Purple Watermarble

I think it's a lot of fun doing watermarbles. It's kind of like snowflakes, no two are ever the exact same. My daughter got me a really cool glitter polish from Sally's called Over U. It's a pretty, sparkly,  purple and teal combo, which I love! The color on my pinky finger is by LA Colors Color Craze called Boomerang and the teal is by Fing'rs Heart 2 Art, Teal We Meet Again. 

Conversation Hearts

I thought this would be a cute one for Valentine's Day. Conversation hearts were one thing I think everyone has memories of from Valentine's Day. The purple is by Pixi, it's called Very Violet. Then I stamped the hearts in white using Bundle Monster 421 and MoYou Nails white stamping polish. For the colors on the hearts, I used OPI Sheer Tints. They are tinted topcoats basically and they worked great for this design!!

Stained Glass Flowers

First I will tell you the polishes I used from left to right. LA Colors-Boomerang, LA  Colors-Electra and Essie-I'm Addicted. The stamping plate I used for the flower design is from Born Pretty StoreBP-07.  The little silver studs are from there also. I actually did the stamping decal method here. If you are not familiar with that, it's when you get a plastic baggie and paint a square of clear nail polish onto it. When it dries, you stamp your design onto the clear square you made. Then you can color in your design however you choose. I apply another coat of clear over the top of that to seal it up. I let it sit over night and in the morning it will just peel off!. Then I put it on top of a coat of white polish and that's it! I may to a tutorial in the future to show this method. :)

Round studs:  Use my 10% off code ANGELIQUEC10.

Valentine's Date

Here is another Valentine's Day nail art idea! It looks like two people going out to spend the night on the town. The girl has a diamond necklace and the guy is in his bowtie ready to go. The stamping plate I used for this one is MoYou London, Bridal Collection # 05

Neon Pink Valentine Nails

This is my first Valentine's Day nails of 2015!  I first painted the nails white. I used Wet and Wild Megalast, Whipped Topping. Then when that was completely dry, I used scotch tape to tape off half the nail and painted half Neon Pink. It's by Love and Beauty from Forever 21. (It came in a set and they don't have names.)  The stamping plate I used is from MoYou Nails #112. It is a really cute Valentine's Day themed plate! I stamped the design with the same pink polish I used earlier and though it wasn't special stamping polish, it seemed to work pretty great! I then finshed the look off by adding some silver striping tape. Would you wear this look?

Groovy Rainbow Watermarble

This is my first nail art of the year!! Over the holidays, I happily received lots of pretty polishes! My youngest son got me this awesome set of polishes from Forever 21. :) Seeing them all lined up in the box made me want to try a rainbow water marble.( I even ran outside in the snow to take a pic for you and it's like 20 degrees today, brrrr). When I finished, it reminded me of the 70's or a tie-dye shirt. So it was only appropriate to add some flowers and peace signs. :)

The stamping plates I used for this design were from Born Pretty Store. The peace sign one is QA-11 and the flower one is BP-20 (Links below).  

Peace sign: Flowers:
Don't forget to use my 10% off code ANGELIQUEC10 @ Born Pretty Store