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Pretty in Pink French

Where I live, it snowed today. Spring is right around the corner though so I wanted to do a design that was bright and cheery! Another thing coming up is prom season and you could do this design to match any dress color! The tool that made this manicure possible is the Clear Jelly stamper! For those of you that know about stamping, it is very hard to get the placement of the design just right. I have a bunch of plates with different french manicure designs, but every time I would try them, it would come out crooked! With this stamper it finally makes it possible!! 

You could also make flowers with a dotting tool or a nail brush!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!! Here are some of my past and present Valentine's Day mani's. :)  Much Love!! 

Black and White

This was just a simple stamping nail art design. I always love the classic look of black and white so I wanted to come up with a funky design. I started with a white base and then stamped on my design. When it was completely dry, I taped off areas and then painted on black. I finished off the look with some silver striping tape! 

The stamping plate is hehe 003 (below).