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Modern Christmas

This is a more modern Christmas look. I love the hot pink and silver together. 

Christmas Sweater

I love the look of a Christmas sweater to get you in the mood for holidays! Stamping plate is from BPX-L008. 

Fall Fox

I feel like I haven't done any hand drawn things lately, so I chose a fox. It's really easy to draw and is cute! The polish in my hand is called Unicorn by Sinful Colors. 

Election Day

Tomorrow is the day to make your vote count!

        The plate I used for this is by bundle monster BM-426.

Halloween Night

Halloween is right around the corner! This design is actually an updated version of a previous design I did a few years ago. It's always fun to see how you have improved! :)

Endless Blue Plaid

I wanted to do a little plaid for Fall, but I really want to showcase this gorgeous blue by Sinful Colors called Endless Blue. I love it! Stamping plate is QA-84. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This is my design in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Fight like a girl!!

Cute Fall Owl

Happy Fall! For this design I wanted to be a little different from the usual fall colors. Hope you like it! 

Hello Kitty wallpaper inspired

This is my next Hello Kitty design...

     I try to get inspiration from almost anything, but this time I was looking at computer wallpapers and I came across this one and remembered I had a stamping plate with this image on it!! Here's my inspiration:

       Here's the plate from My Online Shop

I used a dark grey stamping polish from Ya Qin An and stamped the image right onto a plastic baggie. I colored them in with a fine brush and pastel polishes.

       I  always make extras.... Just in case

 Then I just painted over the whole design when it was all dry with Pink A Card by Sally Hansen.

Hello Kitty Leopard

I am a big fan of Hello Kitty so I came up with a couple of cute designs. This is my first one, the second one is drying as we speak. The base coat here is Pink A Card by Sally Hansen. I hand drew the leopard spots. The Hello Kitty face is stamping plate QA-24. 

Henna Nails

Hi everyone! I really like how these turned out! The stamping plate is 030 by Qgirl. I sponged on the colors using Purple POP and Pink-y Swear from the Salon Perfect Neon POP colors. Then the blues are Sinful Colors, Endless Blue and Broadway Nails, Waterproof. Hope you like it!!

On Broadway

For this design, I used a nude polish called Stripped Off by Broadway nails. I chose black to go with the nude for a classic look. The stamping plate is BP-25 from Born Pretty Store and finished the look with some black rhinestones!

Link to purchase stamping plate: Use my code PQL91 to save 10% on your order! (Not valid on sale items)

Baby Shower Nails

Today my design is baby shower nails! I really like this one. The base colors is used were Sally Hansen's Pink A Card and BK #28 from Born Pretty. The stamping plate is XY-P04. Super cute! The letters are stamping plates B52 & B53. All stamping polishes are by Moyou Nails,light blue, pink and white.

Go Ginza Essie

Hi again! Today I want to show you a design that would be so cute don't in any color, to match any outfit! This is a great back to school design! The polish pictured is called Go Ginza by Essie. The plate I used is by Cheeky, it's the Jumbo plates #10 Happy Nails and the stamping polish is Purple #21 by Mundo De Unas.  


I found this cute polish at the dollar tree! It is from the L.A. Colors, Color Craze collection called Craze. I like it because it reminds me of a party! It's just fun! 

Golden Arrows

This is a simple design that you can do in any color! The stamping plate I used here is from bundle monsterBM-410. The Essie polish in the picture is called I'm addicted and the gold polish is Gold Links by Studio M. Simple but super cute!!


I haven't done a free hand design in a while! I love this one because it's so simple yet so pretty! This polish is so beautiful in person. It has shades of purple, blue and teal! It's called Aquamarine by Revlon in the chroma chameleon collection. I just drew the black lines with a liner brush and used a dotting tool for the white polka dots. Hope you give this one a try! 😁

I love Chevron

This pretty color is called Waterproof by Broadway Nails. It actually does remind me of the color of water and when I think of water I think of beach towels in a chevron pattern. :) I used 2 different stamping plates here both from Bundle Monster. They are BM-423 and BM-401.

Gradient Pink

If you want to do a totally cute but super easy manicure, my go-to design is always an ombre/gradient. You can leave it plain or add stuff to it! Here I used stamping plate BP-15 from Born Pretty Store and some rhinestones to decorate mine. I did this one in a blue tone also. Check out my Gradient Blue if you like. I would like to do one inpurples next! 
Here are the colors I used             From left to right: Sally Hansen-Pink A Card, LA ColorsColor Craze-Pink Bubbles, Salon Perfect Neon POP!-Pink-y Swear and Sinful Colors-Boom Boom. 


Hi everyone! Today I thought I would do a cute, Spring theme with bright colors. I love this stamping plate! It's BP-52 from Born Pretty Store. All of the polishes I am wearing were all Mother's Day gifts! The first one is China Glaze Nail Spray in Platinum Silver. This is my first 'spray polish'!The next two are from Salon Perfect, Neon Pop colors, Pink-y Swear and Purple POP. They have so many awesome colors! Last but not least, from Essie, is Go Ginza on my pinky. The stamping polish I used is Dark Purple from Ya Qin An. 

Quick link to stamping plate:

Birdies for my husband

Hi everyone!! Spring is finally here!!  My husband just loves birds! We have like 20 different bird feeders in our yard. I have to admit, we do get some really cool ones out there! We've seen cardinals, red and gold finches, chickadees, sparrows of all kinds and even a woodpecker! Right now we are waiting for the hummingbirds to arrive. So he's been bugging me to do bird nails for weeks! Lol. I used a variety of stamping plates that had bird images on it or branches, All were from MoYouLondonMother Nature collection. 

Pretty in Pink French

Where I live, it snowed today. Spring is right around the corner though so I wanted to do a design that was bright and cheery! Another thing coming up is prom season and you could do this design to match any dress color! The tool that made this manicure possible is the Clear Jelly stamper! For those of you that know about stamping, it is very hard to get the placement of the design just right. I have a bunch of plates with different french manicure designs, but every time I would try them, it would come out crooked! With this stamper it finally makes it possible!! 

You could also make flowers with a dotting tool or a nail brush!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!! Here are some of my past and present Valentine's Day mani's. :)  Much Love!! 

Black and White

This was just a simple stamping nail art design. I always love the classic look of black and white so I wanted to come up with a funky design. I started with a white base and then stamped on my design. When it was completely dry, I taped off areas and then painted on black. I finished off the look with some silver striping tape! 

The stamping plate is hehe 003 (below). 

Classic Valentine's Day Nails

Hey everyone!! I have another cute Valentine's Day creation here!! For this one I wanted to use the classic red and white Valentine colors and of course a little silver to add some sparkle. The base polishes are by Sinful Colors, the red is Go Go Girl and the white is Snow Me White. Stamping plate and polish are from MoYou Nails (below). 

      Stamping plate is by MoYou Nails # 112

Cute Valentine Hearts

Hi there again!!  Here is my next Valentine's Day look for 2016.   This is just a cute, simple stamping design. I started with a pink and white base. The pink is Sally Hansen, Pink a Card and the white is LA Colors, Snow White. Both the pink and purple stamping polishes are from MoYou Nails

The stamping plate I used is this cool heart-shaped plate. I got it from STZ. 

Valentine's Day Love Nails

Hi everyone! Valentine's Day is right around the corner!! I love the hot pink and black color combo, so that is what I chose to start with. The black polish is LA Colors Nail Lacquer, Blace Lace Creme and the pink on my ring finger is by Sinful Colors, Boom Boom. I used a few different stamping plates for this one. Two are from Bundle Monster, #411 and #412 and the design on my ring finger is BP-32 from Born Pretty Store. The pink stamping polish is Ya Qin An and the black is from Born Pretty's stamping polish collection. I topped all of that off with a matte topcoat by NYC, Matte Me Crazy. You only need a thin coat and it gives any polish a totally cool matte finish.

                                        Here are the images of the stamping plates I used.

Gradient Blue

Hi everyone!! I feel like I haven't been on here since last year!(ha,ha)  ;). Now that the madness from the holidays are over, I can get back to having some fun! For my first design of 2016, I wanted to do something with the color blue so I used a variety of blues from the LA Colors, Color Craze collection. From left to right the polish names are Static Electricty, Aquatic, Sea Foam and Meadow. The stamping plate I used is from bornprettystore.comBP-25 and thier black stamping polish as well. If you guys have never tried it, it works great!! 

You can use my 10% off code PQL91 as many times as you like! (not valid on sale items)

Link to stamping plate BP-25: