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New Year's Eve Nails

I love the look of classic black and white for New Year's Eve. Of course, sparkle is the next thing that comes to mind. For this design the materials I used are Wet and Wild Megalast-Whipped Topping and LA Colors Nail Lacquer-Black Lace Creme as the black and white base. I did my thumbs black also. You just can't see it in the pic. I wanted to give it some sparkle so I put a coat of silver glitter polish from LA Colors. Then I used stamping plate BP-03 from As you all know, I use MoYou Nails stamping polish. It's my favorite.  I used thier black over the white base and white over the black base. Hope you like it!! 

Multi-colored stamping

For this design, I started with a black base from LA Colors nail lacquer. The stamping plate used is from BP-09. I then put a drop of yellow, blue and pink stamping polish from MoYou Nails in different spots on the design. When I scraped it, it blended very nicely and made a bit of purple in there too! 

Pink Snowflakes

I was starting to get bored with the regular winter colors. I wanted to put a little twist on it, so I made pink snowflakes. The white is Wet and Wild Megalast, Whipped Topping. The pink is by LA Colors Color Craze, Pink Bubbles. The stamping plates I used are from bornprettystore.comQA19 & QA58. My favorite stamping polish is from MoYou Nails. I used thier pink and white. 

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Christmas Lights

Well I can't take credit for this design. I have seen it all over pinterest. I don't know who originally came up with this one, but I really wanted to try it!  :)  I used Wet and Wild Megalast in Whipped Topping. The Black is L.A. Colors Art Deco nail art lacquer. Those Art Deco polishes have a really long, thin, striping brush and are great for lines. Then I just used a dotting tool to do the lights. It was very simple and fun. 

Foil & Snowflakes

This one I really love. It reminds me of little foil presents. This one was really easy but looks so great in person. All I did for this one is add rainbow foil to my  nails by adding a thin coat of polish and just before it dries and then the foil sticks to the polish. Then I stamped with MoYou Nails stamping plate #127 and thier white stamping polish.  And the winner of the giveaway of the ring is Mollie M. It is up on the rafflecopter over on my Facebook page: I am in the giving spirit so you never know what's next. Stay tuned...

Snow Much Fun

I wanted to show you guys this awesome polish by K.B. Shimmer .It's called Snow Much Fun. "This light blue jelly sparkles with light blue holo glitter, white glitters in several sizes and finishes, a sprinkling of micro holographic glitter, and of course, white snowflake glitter". I put mine over a darker blue from Sinful Colors, Endless Blue. I love it! If you like the ring in this picture, I am having a giveaway for it over on my facebook page. Good Luck! 


This is my African safari nail art. I love this one. I first used a sponge to get the light blue, pink and purple sky, I wanted it to look like it was at sunset. I used plate BP-16 from (link below). I always use MoYou Nails stamping polish (link below also). They always leave a really crisp image. Then I made the tips and the animals black because in my mind that's what it would look like at sunset. :) 

Safari plate:
Stamping polishes:

Pink and Purple Floral

Hello everyone! I am already tired of this cold weather and the snow, so I wanted to make something bright and cheery.  I made this design with a purple polish by Sinful Colors called Tempest, a pretty pink from Pure Ice called Lucky You and some items from ( I will include the links to the items below.) First, I sponged on polish to the middle and ring fingers. I painted the pointer finger purple and the pinky pink. I then used one of the new stamping plates from It's BP-20. Then I added pink and purple dots to the middle of the flowers. I finished it off with a clear coat to seal it all up and leave a shiny finish. 

Colorful dots:

Stamping plate:

Maybelline Color Show Shredded Purple Possibilities

I wanted to share this awesome polish that I discovered the other day. It's from the Maybelline Color Show Shredded collection called Purple Possibilities. It's a crackle polish which they call shredded. I used a white base coat and a thin top coat of of the Maybelline polish to get this look. I like it alot because it's a quick and easy way to get nail art without all the work. :)

Louis Vuitton Nails

These are my Louis Vuitton nails. I wanted to do the classic brown and gold so I choose a brown from Nicole by OPI, called Promises in the Dark . I actually won this polish from Dove Chocolate and Nicole by OPI. It had a dark chocolate color, which is this one and a milk chocolate color called Better After Dark. The gold is by Studio M called Gold Links. Stamping plates used are QA93 from and designer plate XJ2.

Rainbow Diamonds

I love how this one came out! I started with a light blue BK base coat. I then stamped with MoYou Nails black stamping polish, using BM-404. I have a bunch of Apple Barrel arcrylic paints that I use to make my own shade of  colors I may need. They are only a couple bucks for a bottle and they work really well. That's what I colored the diamonds with and added a clear coat to seal it all up. 

Born Pretty Store New Stamping Plates

Just wanted you stamping people out there that is coming out with thier second round of some really cool stamping plates! They are also having some great sales and I fell like they are gonna sell out pretty quickly. Check it out right here:


This is my Plaid Fall look. I wanted to play around again with the NYC Matte me Crazy polish. I used Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby and LA Colors nail lacquer Black. I then topped them all with just one coat of Matte me Crazy. I used a black stamping polish from MoYou Nails and thier stamping plate #124 for the floral and QA84 from is the plaid stamping plate. 

Spooky Spider Webs

This is my spooky spider web Halloween nails. I used a black polish from LA Colors and the purple is Wet n Wild, On a Trip. I used a matte top coat from NYC. It worked really well. I am going to use it again in the future for sure!! The stamping plate used is from, QA26. The black and white stamping polishes are from MoYou Nails.

Haunted House

It's time to start getting out the Halloween stuff! . This is my haunted house nail art. The purple and blue polish is from It's a glow in the dark polish that I thought would be really cool for this theme! :) The stamping plates that I used are from Bundle MonsterBM407 . I also used QA26 from The golden polish on the tips of my nails is from Revlon Chroma-Chameleon Collection, Rose Gold. It's a really pretty polish with hints of gold, rose and green. My daughter got it for me. :)
I am sure this will be my first of many Halloween mani's. Stay tuned for more :)

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. For this mani I used Pure Ice, Lucky  You. Revlon, Girly is the sparkle on top. The white base is Sinful Colors, Snow Me White. The pink stamping polish is from MoYou Nails and the stamping plate is QA25. Much love to anyone who has been affected by this disease. Please get checked regularly. :). 


It's officially Fall!! This look was inspired by my recent trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. On the last day before we left, we stopped to eat at a wonderful place called the Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant connected to the Apple Barn. They have a gift shop that has everything you could think of having to do with apples. I highly recommend it!! The green is called Innocent by Sinful Colors, The red is MoYou Nails special stamping polish and I used Cheeky Jumbo plate 7- Home Sweet Home. 

Sinful and silver

This was the design I decided to make from one of the polishes in my last post. I chose the Sinful Colors Dream On. The accent nail is silver stamping polish and stamping plate #124 is by MoYou Nails.  I added little rhinestones in a very close color to finish the look! :)

Pretty polishes on a budget

Today I wanted to compare three different brands of polish that were similar in color. The first one is by Pixi called Very Violet. It sells for eight dollars a bottle. The one in the middle is from Sinful Colors called Dream On. This one is two dollars and it looked very similar to the Pixi, almost a perfect match, but I had to add a clear coat to give it the shine that the Pixi already had. The third one is made by LA Colors, it's called Electra. This one you can get for a dollar usually. It was a little lighter than the other two, but it required three coats where the others only needed two. You can still get the look of the more expensive polish for less. :)

Graphic Design

For this design I used 3 colors, Sinful Colors Dream On which is the one pictured, Broadway Nails Waterproof and LA Colors Mint. I sponged them on over a white base. The stamping plate is QA97 from and the black stamping polish is from MoYou Nails, it is the only stamping polish I use. 

Frill color swatch

This is my third swatch from LA Colors Color Craze collection. This one is Frill. It's a bright pink color that you would definitely see when you walked into a room. For my accent on this one I just wanted to do a simple water marble. Would you wear this look?

Static Electricity color swatch

This is my second swatch to show you from the LA Colors Color Craze collection. This one is called StaticElectricity! It's a really pretty blue that reminded me of denim so I figured the perfect accent nail would be lace. The stamping plate is QA 94 from (Link below) The white stamping polish is from MoYou Nails

Lace stamping plate:

Electra color swatch

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to tell you about LA Colors, Color Craze nail polish. I have only been able to find them at various dollar stores or online but in my opinion, they are just as great as some of the really expensive brands. You can generally find them for around a dollar! They have 132 colors and I just love them. In the picture below I used three coats of a color called Electra. It goes on really smooth and easy! For my accent nail I used stamping plate QA12 and Black MoYou Nails stamping polish. I bought a few more so stay tuned.... :)

Purple Prom Nails

I think these nails would be so cute with a purple prom dress! I started with a white base from Broadway Nails, Snow White. I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, Deep Purple (that's the darkest purple). The medium puple is Wet and Wild Megalast, On A Trip. The light purple is from Born Pretty BK 10. The holo polish is also from Born Pretty, It's #9 (links below). Now for the stamping, this is one of the plates I won from MoYou Nails Summer nail art contest. I was second runner up and I won five of thier new ones! This one is #124. The black stamping polish is also MoYou Nails, Black. I finished it off with some black rhinestones. :)

MoYou Nails Black stamping polish:

Purple Holo polish:

BK 10 light purple polish:
              (as always at for bo…

Pretty Blue Flowers.

For this design I started with an all white base coat. I then taped off half the nail at a diagonal and I used Essie I'm addicted as the blue bottom half.  It takes a little bit of drying time in between. I then used stamping plate 25 by Pueen and the stamping polish is by MoYou Nails, light blue. To finish the look I used some silver striping tape. 

Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez Confetti Fun

This is an awesome polish my sister got me! (Thanks Annette!) It's Nicole by OPI, Selena Gomez collection called Confetti Fun. Yes it is! It has just about every color of the rainbow glitter in it. In this picture I only used two coats over a black base and it just completely covered the nail. Very great coverage! The white is Snow Me White by Sinful Colors and the musical stamping plate was Bundle Monster #411

New York Yankees

My husband is a big Yankees fan so I did this one for him. The blue is Elle, Sapphire Sophisticate. The white is Sinful Colors, Snow Me White. I used a stamping plate from Bundle Monster BM414 and another plate HWH-10. I am not sure who that one is by. Stamping polish is by MoYou Nails, Red and White. 

Pink Roses

For this look I started with a base coat of pink from Sally Hansen, Pink A Card. I used stamping plate QA97 from (link below) The roses are colored in with Sally Hansen Color Foil, Minted Metal and L.A. Colors, Pink Bubbles. The glitter nails are Pure Ice, Come Closer.

Press Sample MoYou Nails New Summer Collection

Hey everyone! I am super excited to share this post with you!! My favorite nail art stamping company, MoYou Nails  is coming out with some great new stuff in thier new Summer collection!

 First I would like to tell you some things about them if you didn't already know. MoYou Nails started as a single owner and operator in London. You can now find them throughout the UK, South Africa, Italy, Israel, Norway, Sweden, Canada and in the USA. Thier USA headquarters is in fabulous Las Vegas, that was when I first discovered them, but now they are in malls, department stores and retail chains all across America! Which is great for people like me who like to see things in person before they buy it! But you can still order online if you like that too or if you can't find a store near you.

 I personally love nail art and stamping and there isn't another stamping polish that I would use! (I've tried several!)  Which brings me to my exciting news!! They are coming out with 6 new c…

Pink Party

This is the design I came up with tonight. For two days straight, I just kept looking at my colors and was unable to decide which one to choose. I finally picked pink but instead of narrowing it down to only one pink, I thought I should use a bunch. I chose Sally Hansen - Pink-A-Card, Pure Ice - Lucky You, Sinful Colors - Boom Boom and Sinful Colors - Dream On. The stamping plate is from Bundle Monster #408. The stamping polish I always use is from MoYou Nails. (Not to be confused with MoYou London. Totally different place.) I totally recommend it ! I bought several colors from there and I love everyone of them. Alot of people ask me where to get a good stamping polish and that is who I would say. They are coming out with even more colors soon. I can't wait to see what they will be!! They have stamping plates also and they are coming out with a new batch of those too!! 

More to come on the stamping polishes...but for now you can check them out below!!

Stamping polishes : http://m…

City Girl

For this look, I used Essie I'm Addicted and Sinful Colors Tempest on a make-up wedge to do an Ombre backround as the sky. I used Bundle Monster plate 414 and of course MoYou Nails Black. Topped with a clear coat to give it shine and blend it all togeher. Hope you like it !

Fourth of July

These are my nails for 4th of July! All the base colors are by Sinful Colors, Endless Blue, Ruby Ruby and Snow Me White. Stamping plate is Princess collection 14 by MoYou London and stamping polish by MoYou Nails. Have a safe and Happy 4th of July everybody!!! 


This nail art design reminds me of a lizard or crocodile. To get this look, I used Sally Hansen Color Foil, Minted Metal. The stamping plate and polish is from MoYou Nails the stamping plate is #216 (link below)  that I got from Las Vegas! 

MoYou Nails stamping plate:

Mickey Mouse

This design I just had to do after doing Minne Mouse. It makes me wish I was planning a trip to Disney Land! :).  The stamping plate I used is from It's plate RuiZ03 (link below). The stamping polishes used are from MoYou Nails

Stamping plate:

Floral Gradient w/studs

I have got to say that I love the way this one turned out! I used all products from MoYou Nails. The stamping plate is MoYou 218 and I used thier stamping polishes as well. Black, light blue, pink and lilac. The colored square decorations are from Born Pretty Store. ( product link below) 

Feel free to use my coupon code AAX31 to save 10% off your order at
Square studs:
Stamping plate:
Stamping polishes:

Minnie Mouse

These are my Minnie Mouse nails. This would be a really cute design to wear if you were going to Disney! I really like this one. I used LA Colors Color Craze White, LA Colors Nail Lacquer Black and the middle Minnie is from MoYou London, Princess Collection #14. The rest of the nails are stamped with plate RuiZ03 from (link at bottom) and Pink MoYou Nails Stamping Polish! Hope you like it .

Father's Day Ties

This is my Father's Day nail art design. I started with a pretty light blue base, that reminded me of a light blue shirt. Then I taped of my nail in tie shapes. I tried to choose colors and patterns that you would see on an actual tie. :)  Happy Father's Day weekend!

Duochrome floral

My daughter surprised me with a bunch of these Kleancolor duochrome polishes. This was the first one I chose to try. It is called Flirty/Innocent. Since they are duo chromes, they all have duo names. I can't wait to try them all. As far as the stamping part goes, I used products from MoYou Nails, thier black stamping polish and plate 218. 


I love these cupcakes! It was really easy to do too. I just started with a light pink base. (Pink a Card, Sally Hansen). Then I painted on the white with a very small nail art brush. I then added the rhinestone cherry and the caviar beads in purple, red and silver, white the polish was still wet. All you do next is add the stripes for the cupcake paper. It's that simple! :)

I post these pics and more on my facebook page :

Leadlight Flowers

I have seen all this talk about the new technique called Leadlight, so I thought I would try it myself. First of all, leadlight is kind of like stained glass. You can buy polishes for this like OPI Sheer Tints, or you can make them yourself. I made mine myself. You just take a bottle of clear nail polish and add about 20 drops of your desired color of nail polish. Depending on the thickness of the polish, after you mix it up, you should have a nice sheer colored polish. I painted my nails all black and then stamped the flowers with white. Then I added color to the white to give it that pretty colorful tint. What do you think of this technique??

Antique Rainbow Watercolor

This one is called Rainbow Watercolors. It was a design that was inspired by Robin Moses. I used arcrylic craft paints for this one. I used a white base and then I dipped my brush in water and then a drop of the paint. It looked like a beautiful watercolor painting. I added some gold nail polish to give it the antiqued look and a coat of clear on top to give it the high gloss look! The picture really didn't do it justice. It looks so much cooler in person!!

Here is a link to the paints I used :)   Apple-Barrel Arcrylic paints