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Showing posts from August, 2016

Baby Shower Nails

Today my design is baby shower nails! I really like this one. The base colors is used were Sally Hansen's Pink A Card and BK #28 from Born Pretty. The stamping plate is XY-P04. Super cute! The letters are stamping plates B52 & B53. All stamping polishes are by Moyou Nails,light blue, pink and white.

Go Ginza Essie

Hi again! Today I want to show you a design that would be so cute don't in any color, to match any outfit! This is a great back to school design! The polish pictured is called Go Ginza by Essie. The plate I used is by Cheeky, it's the Jumbo plates #10 Happy Nails and the stamping polish is Purple #21 by Mundo De Unas.