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Pretty polishes on a budget

Today I wanted to compare three different brands of polish that were similar in color. The first one is by Pixi called Very Violet. It sells for eight dollars a bottle. The one in the middle is from Sinful Colors called Dream On. This one is two dollars and it looked very similar to the Pixi, almost a perfect match, but I had to add a clear coat to give it the shine that the Pixi already had. The third one is made by LA Colors, it's called Electra. This one you can get for a dollar usually. It was a little lighter than the other two, but it required three coats where the others only needed two. You can still get the look of the more expensive polish for less. :)


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Modern Christmas

This is a more modern Christmas look. I love the hot pink and silver together. 

Hello Kitty wallpaper inspired

This is my next Hello Kitty design...

     I try to get inspiration from almost anything, but this time I was looking at computer wallpapers and I came across this one and remembered I had a stamping plate with this image on it!! Here's my inspiration:

       Here's the plate from My Online Shop

I used a dark grey stamping polish from Ya Qin An and stamped the image right onto a plastic baggie. I colored them in with a fine brush and pastel polishes.

       I  always make extras.... Just in case

 Then I just painted over the whole design when it was all dry with Pink A Card by Sally Hansen.

Henna Nails

Hi everyone! I really like how these turned out! The stamping plate is 030 by Qgirl. I sponged on the colors using Purple POP and Pink-y Swear from the Salon Perfect Neon POP colors. Then the blues are Sinful Colors, Endless Blue and Broadway Nails, Waterproof. Hope you like it!!