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Valentine's Day Love Nails

Hi everyone! Valentine's Day is right around the corner!! I love the hot pink and black color combo, so that is what I chose to start with. The black polish is LA Colors Nail Lacquer, Blace Lace Creme and the pink on my ring finger is by Sinful Colors, Boom Boom. I used a few different stamping plates for this one. Two are from Bundle Monster, #411 and #412 and the design on my ring finger is BP-32 from Born Pretty Store. The pink stamping polish is Ya Qin An and the black is from Born Pretty's stamping polish collection. I topped all of that off with a matte topcoat by NYC, Matte Me Crazy. You only need a thin coat and it gives any polish a totally cool matte finish.

                                        Here are the images of the stamping plates I used.

Nail Art Stamping           Nail Art Stamping           


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