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Birdies for my husband

Hi everyone!! Spring is finally here!!  My husband just loves birds! We have like 20 different bird feeders in our yard. I have to admit, we do get some really cool ones out there! We've seen cardinals, red and gold finches, chickadees, sparrows of all kinds and even a woodpecker! Right now we are waiting for the hummingbirds to arrive. So he's been bugging me to do bird nails for weeks! Lol. I used a variety of stamping plates that had bird images on it or branches, All were from MoYou London Mother Nature collection. 


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Review of Ya Qin An stamping polish

Hey all my stamping sisters!! Today I wanted to do a review of Ya Qin An stamping polish. I only purchased one, the pink, to see how it worked before I bought more. Well I am a big fan I must say! In the first picture I wanted to show you how well it stamps over black and light colors. As you can see the answer is beautifully!! :)

I love when companies put effort into the details! The bottle is a cool square shape and it comes in a white box. This is a nice size bottle too! It's 18ml! 

As you can see it picks up wonderfully on the stamper! I was pleasantly surprised and I honestly can not wait to get some more!! If you want some too, I got this from (link below)  Use my 10% off code PQL91 as many times as you like !!

Think Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I love to bring awareness to it the only way I know how. 


I just had to share this color! It is called Kameleon. It is from the Sinful Colors, Kylie Jenner Denim and Bling collection.